Australian Organic White Sage
Australian Organic White Sage

Australian Organic White Sage

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Smudging has been used by many cultures across the world to clear away negative energies. It involves the burning of sacred herbs to produce smoke. This smoke is used to cleanse the energy of your home, workplace or even your body.

    From the ancient Egyptians, right across Europe, the Middle East, Asia & Indigenous Australians. Quite often these cultures had no connection, yet all seemingly discovered the same thing: that smoke from burning certain plants clears negative energies.

  Cleansing your environment & yourself can have significant effect on your emotional and mental wellbeing.

  White Sage is the herb to use when you need brute strength to shift energies and entities that attach themselves to you and your environment. White Sage clears these negative energies, purifies your environment and protects you from possible future attacks.

This Australian White Sage is grown using organic practices, without the use of artificial sprays or fertilizers.

Clusters vary in size from 9-13cms.

You can separate the bundle or keep them together depending on personal preference.