Incense Gift Boxes - Frankincense *Red Box*
Incense Gift Boxes - Frankincense *Red Box*

Incense Gift Boxes - Frankincense *Red Box*

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Our new range of Nepalese incenses have been beautifully packaged in Lokta Paper boxes, which have been handmade by artisans using ancient papermaking techniques. They have a delicate string tie closure that wraps around a little wooden button, providing for a stunning, unique keepsake once the incense is finished.

Frankincense is traditionally used in ceremonies, rituals and also for meditation. It is commonly used for protection and purification rituals but is also perfect for the purpose of warding off any negative energies while attracting positive ones. This incense is also ideal for the purpose of creating a sacred space for meditation, healing or connecting with spirit.

Chakra: Crown

This incense is prepared using Buddhist incense making techniques. Natural resins, herbs, plants, leaves and tree barks are blended to create this beautiful incense.  

Contains: 40 x (10cm) incense sticks in lokta paper pouch & incense holder. 

Burn time: 30 mins per stick

Packaging: Beautiful Lokta Paper Box with String Button Tie closure (Fuschia Colour with white font) - this incense is beautifully packaged and would make for an absolutely gorgeous gift.

Box Size: 6.5cm (W) x 11.5cm (L) x 3cm (H)

Handmade in Nepal using the Lama Dorjee technique. Please note that when our partners Stupa Incense started their incense business they were taught the ancient art of incense making by Lama Dorjee and his recipe continues to be used to create their incense to this day. They are located in the foothills of the Negarjung Forest in the Kathmandu Valley and as a result have direct access to all the pure natural ingredients required to make beautiful incense.