Jasmine Incense

Jasmine Incense

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Jasmine has been considered a powerful flower throughout the centuries, it comes from the Persian name "Yasmin" meaning "Gift from God" and has been used in spell work and rituals since ancient times. It is associated with sensuality, desire, passion and love but often from a pure or even divine perspective and is therefore often used in all forms of love spells. Jasmine's intense scent is also considered centering as the mind's entire focus is drawn to it and as a result has been favoured as the oil of choice, by psychics and mediums during readings. It is also perfect for charging crystals, you can wave them through the sacred smoke created by the burning incense. 

Chakra: wonderful for Heart Chakra work. 

This Jasmine incense is prepared using Buddhist incense making techniques. Himalayan Aromatic herbs, spices and tree barks are blended to create this sweet floral scented incense.  

Main ingredients: Jasmine, Backchin, Agur, Clove & Sweetflag.

Contains: 25 x (18cm) incense sticks, incense holder & incense description.

Burn time: 60-70 mins per stick

Packaging: Beautiful Velvet Pouch (Black Colour with red ribbon tie) - this incense is beautifully packaged and would make for an absolutely gorgeous gift.

Handmade in Nepal using the Lama Dorjee technique. Please note that when our partners Stupa Incense started their incense business they were taught the ancient art of incense making by Lama Dorjee and his recipe continues to be used to create their incense to this day.